Measuring your Return on Investment (ROI).
How do you measure return on investment? Asking these simple questions could help your Bottom Line.


Return on Investment
How do I measure and drive return on investment for the insurance and risk management dollars I am spending?


Are the healthcare choices my employees are making impacting my bottom line?
Is it really “free” once the deductible is met?  What can be done about it, if anything?


Can communication strategies really improve the level of employee engagement?


What is real advocacy?  
How can it create efficiencies and impact my bottom line?


What are the real risk factors (as opposed to fear tactics) associated with compliance issues? 
How can I get it right, improve efficiencies and minimize my risk?


If wellness is defined as just fruit, vegetables, health fairs, newsletters and pedometers, can it really impact my bottom line?


Is trend real or just a number used to justify a high renewal?