Our business starts with you.

Effective risk management is a critical component of any winning management strategy. A well-designed insurance and risk management program allows you to use your financial and human capital to pursue your vision, unhindered by the need to maintain high reserves to cover potential losses.

Our risk management professionals apply a client-focused approach that leverages our network of resources, technology and specialized expertise to address your business issues. We deliver strategic solutions from a broad compendium of products and services. We also use the IMPACT Program TM, our proprietary five-step risk management process, to help identify and manage risk.

We collaborate with you to identify your business’s specific needs. We effectively evaluate the complexity of your organization, including your industry profile and geographic scope, to design integrated solutions delivered through a seamless distribution network to meet your marketplace challenges.

Risk Identification: The process of identifying and examining the potential sources of losses faced by a firm.

Analysis and Measurement: The assessment of the potential impact that various exposures can have on the firm.

Risk Control: An action to minimize, at the optimal cost, losses that strike the organization.

Risk Financing: The acquisition of funds at the least possible cost to pay for the losses that strike the organization.

Risk Administration: Implementing the desired actions and risk management plans. Examining and evaluating the results of risk management actions and plans.