The Ultimate Health Care Reform Resouces

Do you have questions about health care reform? The Keyser Insurance Group is a proud partner with United Benefit Advisors, a national alliance of independent benefits advisors who specialize in providing guidance and collaboration. In a constantly evolving world of insurance and benefits, having up-to-date information at your fingertips is an unparalleled advantage that Keyser Insurance Group is pleased to be able to provide to our clients.

UBA partner agencies, including Keyser Insurance Group, share industry best practices and collaborate regularly to maintain the same independent agent advantages, while leveraging the stability of a larger cooperative organization. Being a partner agency assures clients that the cornerstone values of integrity, trust, and a commitment to every policy, every client, every time are of the utmost importance.

Information on health care reform can be confusing. UBA partners have collaborated to provide clear and concise updates to legislation as crucial issues come to light. Please feel free to peruse the UBA blog, highlighting some key components of health care legislation. Access to this blog may be found here: