photo of orange cubota tractor


Fall is a great time of year to watch the leaves change colors. It is also an important time to clear all those leaves from your lawn before the frost and freeze set in.

Oftentimes a garden tractor or grounds-care vehicle is used to help with fall cleanup. Coverage is available for both garden tractors and grounds-care vehicles that are used to maintain your premises.

Garden Tractors

Do you have a zero-turn mower or other riding lawn mower? These items can be covered on your homeowners insurance policy as a garden tractor. Contact your agent with a description of your mower, any attachments and values, so they can schedule those on your home policy.

You can either attach this to your homeowners policy or it can be written on a separate policy. These items should be scheduled only if they are for personal use with no business usage.

Grounds-Care Vehicles

Some fall maintenance requires larger equipment. Grounds-care vehicles are equipment, other than garden tractors, that you would use to maintain your premises.

Some examples are skid steers, small loaders, backhoes and compact utility tractors, along with their attachments. Grounds-care vehicles can also be attached to the homeowners policy or written on a separate policy. Only personal-use items should be scheduled. Business or farm equipment should not be included.

If you have questions about garden tractors and grounds-care vehicles and your insurance, we’re here to help. Contact your agent or call 877.381.3570.