photo of halloween carved pumpkin


The pandemic hasn’t been easy on any of us, including employees’ kids, which makes supporting them more important now than ever. Here are some fun ideas you can share with employees to make October a month of FUN.

  • Pull out the yard decorations, carve or paint pumpkins, put fake spiders and cobwebs all over the house. Halloween doesn’t have to be canceled like so many other things.
    Employee Tip: Have employees submit photos of their décor and create a contest. Best carved or painted pumpkin, spookiest looking porch – get creative!
  • Celebrate with a spooky movie night with Halloween candy and popcorn.
    Employee Tip: Have employees submit their favorite Halloween movies and share the whole list with the staff.
  • Make some fun treats – decorate a pizza to look like a jack-o-lantern, get cookie cutters with Halloween shapes and decorate cookies, make spaghetti and “eyeballs.” The possibilities are endless. Need more ideas? Check Pinterest!
  • Use video chat for a virtual costume party with family and friends. Show off costumes and even play some fun games. Kids always look forward to dressing up – you can even make costumes if you need to.
    Employee Tip: Have a virtual company costume party/happy hour.
  • Halloween Baskets, anyone? The Easter Bunny and Santa Claus bring goodies so why can’t The Great Pumpkin? Create candy and trinket-filled pumpkin buckets for the kids on Halloween morning. Yes, kids will be wired from the sugar but it will wear off eventually!