Need one more reason to celebrate your marriage? We’ve got one! Reviewing and combining your home or renters, auto and other property insurance policies could save you money and create additional conveniences.

More policies, more savings

After you two have become one, reach out to your independent insurance agent to see if by merging your insurance policies you qualify for savings, such as:

  • Multiple policy – offered for placing all of your policies, including homeautorentersvaluable items, and more, with one insurance company.
  • Multiple vehicle – offered when you insure more than one vehicle, including autos, motorcycles and even boatscampers and golf carts.
  • Home security – offered when enhanced safety and security features are installed, including home security, fire detection, water monitoring systems and more.

For more ways to save, review this article on how to maximize your insurance dollars.

More stuff, more coverage

Most couples receive hundreds of gifts from guests. That means as newlyweds, you’ll have more property to insure and should review your coverages, limits and deductibles with Keyser to ensure the best combination of value, coverage and price.

Additionally, you may want to consider a scheduled items policy to cover your engagement and wedding rings, as well as other valuables such as jewelry, china, silverware, computer equipment, golf equipment and more.

And, be sure to add your wedding gifts to your home inventory, just in case the unexpected happens.

One carrier, more convenience

In addition to saving money, combining all of your insurance policies with one company may also save you time and hassles. You’ll have the convenience of working with one insurance company and could enjoy the benefits of one bill and one renewal date.

The Hanover, one of the agencies Keyser partners with, provides personal insurance solutions to protect your carshome, toys and more. Whether you’re single, married or empty nesters, we can offer you tailored protection options for your needs with the services and convenient tools you want. Contact your agent today to learn more.


[SOURCE: The Hanover Insurance Group]