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Snow Blower Safety Tips

Each year, hundreds of thousands of people suffer serious damage to their fingers or hands due to the improper handling of snow blowers. Stay safe this winter with these snow blower safety tips.

Your checklist for in-person holiday celebrations

By Katie Navarra Businesses are eager to return to celebrating the "most wonderful time of year" with in-person holiday events. Social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic has been difficult, and as case numbers decline and vaccination rates rise, many...

Follow existing COVID-19 safety rules as experts evaluate Omicron variant

As employers await news about the omicron and other potential COVID-19 variants, they may want to review their coronavirus-related policies and remind employees of the continued importance of following workplace safety practices.

Stress of pandemic weighing down young adults, parents

Whether you're a student facing exams or a career professional putting in hours at work finishing up projects—or maybe both—the end of the year can be especially stressful. The continued fatigue brought on by the pandemic is adding to the tension you may be...

Employers use benefits and perks to counter great resignation

With workers quitting their jobs at record rates, many employers are introducing new benefits and enabling more flexible schedules in response to the continued tight labor market.

Federal departments shed light on upcoming health plan disclosure requirements

A collection of federal agencies recently released guidance to assist group plan health sponsors navigate upcoming disclosure obligations.

IRS extends deadline for distributing ACA form to employees

The IRS, after cautioning last year not to expect future extensions to the Jan. 31 deadline for furnishing Affordable Care Act (ACA) reporting forms to employees, has changed its mind.

How to manage intergenerational conflict in the workplace

There are at least four generations now in the workplace: Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials and Generation Z. Managing a multigenerational workforce with so many different perspectives, experiences, values and goals poses a unique organizational challenge for company leaders, managers and HR professionals.

Employer-Provided COVID-19 Testing: An Employee Benefits Q & A

Many employers are moving ahead with efforts to comply with the OSHA emergency temporary standard (ETS) that requires employers with 100 or more employees to ensure that all are fully vaccinated or subject to COVID-19 testing at least weekly. Those efforts are raising a range of employee benefits questions.

Holiday Home Safety

It's the holiday season again — that special time of year when you brighten your home with colorful and twinkling lights. Although decorating with electric lighting helps you create a cheerful atmosphere, it also brings an increased risk of accidental fire. Here are...

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