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5 Quick Tips for FMLA Compliance

By Lisa Nagele-Piazza, J.D., SHRM-SCP HR professionals who manage family and medical leave know that leave laws are complex, which makes compliance difficult. So having sound policies and practices is critical. "Whatever your policy is, make sure you're consistent...

What If a Job Applicant Discloses a Disability?

Employers generally are prohibited from asking questions about disabilities before making conditional job offers to applicants, but what should an employer do if a job applicant voluntarily discloses a disability at the interview stage?

Here’s What Employers May Expect from the DOL’s Wage and Hour Division

The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) shifted priorities when President Joe Biden took office in January, and many guidelines and rules were rescinded or revamped.

6 Ways to Help Employees Deal With Stress

Employees still struggle with stress — despite the supposed return to normal. In fact, some mental health experts say it’s staggering.

Job Seekers Are Gaining Control over Hiring

The U.S. labor market is facing an abnormal summer: Millions of open jobs and nowhere near enough applicants have created a shift in power that has given job seekers the upper hand in recruiting and hiring.

Generation Z Seeks Guidance in the Workplace

ew entrants to the workforce are looking for guidance and mentorship from their employers, according to a new study.

Inflation’s Return Will Affect Compensation

A recent spike in prices is expected to drive salaries and hourly wages higher next year. If rising inflation is sustained, employers will need to alter their anticipated budgets for benefits and compensation costs going forward.

House Passes Bill to Make Age-Discrimination Cases Easier to Prove

On June 23, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill—the Protecting Older Workers Against Discrimination Act (POWADA)—that would make it easier for people to win claims of age discrimination by easing the standards of proof.

Administration Issues Initial Rule Limiting ‘Surprise’ Medical Bills

Long-sought curbs on unscheduled “surprise” out-of-network health care charges became law at the end of last year with the Continuing Appropriations Act, 2021 (CAA), which included a revised version of the bipartisan No Surprises Act.

Florida property insurance reform continues with signing of SB 76

Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis signed into law the latest addition to efforts to reform the Florida property insurance market, as legislators try to stem rising prices and reduce insurance related litigation that has been inflating claims. Governor Ron DeSantis...

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