Are wedding bells in your future? We understand how exciting it is to pick a venue, invite guests and taste test cakes. In all the excitement of wedding planning, don’t forget that this is the time to review your life insurance needs.

Life insurance is a tax-free benefit you leave to your loved ones when you pass away. Here are a few things you should consider when determining the importance of life insurance for you and your future spouse.

Are you planning your future around two incomes?

Cartoon illustration of a piggy bank.If so, your focus for life insurance should be to cover living expenses for your dependents. How many years of your income do you want your spouse to have in the event of your passing? Keep in mind that both you and your future spouse need life insurance even if only one of you is employed.

A homemaker may not earn a wage, but they still support the household. If a homemaker were to pass away, the primary wage earner may have to stop working or hire someone to take care of the household needs such as childcare.

Cartoon illustration of a houseHave you or do you plan on purchasing a home?

Your home is where you are going to make memories and possibly raise children. Could your spouse afford it without you? Or would they be forced to sell it? Consider getting enough life insurance to pay off your current or future mortgage.

Do you plan on having children?

If so, consider adding the Children’s Term Insurance rider to your policy. If you add it before you have children, it will provide coverage for any future children on the 15th day of life regardless of insurability.

Cartoon illustration of a heart symbolizing loveThere’s a lot to do before you get married. Make sure to add a meeting with one of our agents to your to-do list. Reviewing your life insurance needs could provide additional protection for your loved ones and give you peace of mind before the big day. Connect with us at 877-381-3570 or