The least expensive claim is the one that never happens.

Effectively managing a Workers’ Compensation (WC) program is complex, and the insurance industry has conditioned buyers to focus on reducing costs one day out of the year-—the renewal date.  Members of our exclusive and proprietary workers’ compensation process known as PurCOMP TM realize it’s the other 364 days that make the difference.  

We recognize each client’s uniqueness and provide creative solutions to maximize financial opportunity, minimize cost exposures and facilitate safety and prevention strategies.  PurCOMP TM members realize savings throughout the year and learn strategies and techniques that positively impact their business forever.  

Our Certified Workers’ Compensation Counselor (CWCC) can help your company:

  • Develop Experience Rating Risk Profiles, enabling you to better understand and manage your WC experience
  • Recommend WC program design solutions
  • Mitigate costs through post claims case management
  • Reduce your administrative burden through claims administration
  • Get employees back to work sooner through vocational rehabilitation and assistance, along with return to work programs and assistance
  • Conduct training seminars on topics such as safety, legislative change and accident investigations
  • Ensure proper premium remittance through forensic payroll and classification reviews
  • Develop proactive prevention and health and safety initiatives
  • Integrate occupational and non-occupational absence management strategy together with Keyser’s medical clinic and physician relationships

Workers’ compensation is not typical insurance. Your insurance company doesn’t pay for employee injuries; it merely finances them – which will be reflected in your premium for years into the future. Keyser’s proprietary PurCOMP TM program focuses on key areas of waste that can amount to tens of thousands of dollars in overcharges.