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Author  |  Talk Show Host  |  Researcher

Chuck Underwood is one of the pioneers who created, developed and popularized the field of generational study.


He is the founder/principal of The Generational Imperative, an Ohio-based generational consulting firm, and consults and trains corporations and organizations in generational workplace and marketplace strategies.


Underwood is the author of America’s Generations in the Workplace, Marketplace, and Living Room, a comprehensive book on generational business, and host of the popular PBS docuseries America’s Generations with Chuck Underwood.


Having researched generational dynamics for more than a quarter-century and then worked side-by-side with hundreds of clients to execute a long list of generational strategies, he is considered an elite consultant in generational strategy. His A-List clients operate in business, government, education, religion, politics, media and entertainment, philanthropy and virtually every other industry.


Formally trained in qualitative research methodology and focus-group moderating by The Burke Institute, Underwood conducts generational research for his clients and for his own proprietary generational research.


The Ohio University graduate spent his earlier career in radio and television, first as an award-winning broadcast journalist and national sports play-by-play announcer, then as a creator and producer of original national and international programming.


Considered an eminent authority on generational study, Underwood travels the world for consulting assignments, seminars, research and keynotes; authors newspaper and national-magazine columns on generational dynamics; guest-lectures at universities; and regularly serves as an expert source for generational news stories by top media outlets throughout the country and around the world.