With hiring remotely becoming common these days, it’s more important than ever for employers to consider how they convey their company culture. While Zoom and Skype have made some things easier, conveying culture isn’t necessarily one of them.

Here are four tips for conveying your culture and making sure your new hires are a great fit.

  • Start with the basics. Take a look at your job descriptions. Do they only focus on the skills and responsibilities required for the role? That’s not going to cut it. Sharing information about your culture, how the team functions and your core values will help prospective employees connect and thrive when they’re part of your team.
  • Be intentional. Don’t focus on how things were before COVID. Focus on what you’re doing now to create a culture of collaboration, communication and respect.
  • Be honest and transparent. You want to retain your new hires, so being honest and open with them will go a long way. Use employee testimonials to help candidates understand what it might be like working for your company in a remote setting.
  • Communicate. Communicate. Communicate. And did we mention, communicate? You have to make up for the lack of in-person interactions, which means over communication is imperative. Devote a few minutes at the start of meetings to catching up and talking about topics that aren’t work related. Another great option is to schedule virtual coffee breaks or remote happy hours with your teams.